Concrete Floors

Total Solutions provides professional cleaning and maintenance services to maintain your concrete floor to the highest standards.

Concrete floors have long been renowned for their hardness and durability and polishing makes them aesthetically pleasing, resistant to stains and easier to maintain. In addition, polished concrete’s relatively high coefficient of friction makes it slip resistant, and the highly reflective finish reduces lighting needs and improves natural light penetration. Most modern buildings are constructed with concrete floors, so polishing the exposed concrete removes the need to add a floor covering, and a polished finish is increasingly being used in retail, offices and warehousing. The concrete is treated and then surface ground using progressively finer grinding tools, such as diamond grinding wheels and polishing pads.

It is possible to maintain a polished concrete floor yourself by regular sweeping and dusting to remove any dirt and grit brought inside, followed by a damp mop with a neutral cleaner (acidic cleaners can attack the floors' surface) to enhance the shine. However, there will often come a point where the floor looks dull, especially in high traffic areas, and an expert is needed to restore the floor’s look. At Total Solutions we are experts in restoring concrete floors which are dull, discoloured or have a damaged surface, using techniques ranging from a deep clean right through to a surface skim and regrind.

Total Solutions offers regular maintenance contracts and one off visits throughout the UK. For more information about concrete floor maintenance, please call us today on 0800 772 3473.