Contents Drying & Restoration

We offer a specialist contents drying and restoration service for important documents and irreplaceable items, as well as fire, smoke and water damage restoration for buildings. Our first class service is offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When your home or commercial property is affected by fire or floods, damage to the building is not the only concern. Often, the contents of the building hold more in monetary or sentimental value, with some items being irreplaceable. Whether it's sentimental items like wedding dresses or cuddly toys, or important documents and files, Total Solutions can help to recover and restore your valuable items damaged by smoke or water.

We can help both individuals and businesses to recover their important items. If you're a business, you need your important files to get your business back on track. If your home contents are damaged, our restoration services can help to get your life back on track. We can help to restore your clothing and other household fabrics, including:

Cushions, pillows, belts, braces, purses, handbags, shoes/trainers, saris, wedding gowns, rugs, leathers & suede garments, fur, stuffed animals, dolls, curtains, blinds, luggage, decorative valances and tapestries.

Our specialist technicians have many years of experience in restoring damaged contents to their former glory. We use the latest technology to remove all traces of smoke and water damage. Our facilities include a sterile clean room/ozone chamber, and we also use UV technology for examination and cleaning.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes even our many years' experience and leading technology cannot rescue items from extensive damage. We offer a no restore, no charge service – if we try to restore but can’t, you won’t be charged for the work.

  • Our contents drying and restoration services include:
  • Removal to storage of all furniture and fittings
  • Treatment of furniture items, such as tables, chairs, cupboards, shelving etc.
  • Restoration of interior decoration where possible, including floors, carpets, wall finishes, wallpaper, ceilings, curtains etc.
  • Reinstatement of electronic devices and machinery
  • Reinstatement of critical business data
  • Inventory of all damaged items
  • Document drying and restoration
  • Financial documentation and other business records
  • Legal documentation (including deeds)
  • Archival documents (including parchment)
  • School materials (exercise books, textbooks, teaching materials)
  • Photographs (albums, prints, slides, transparencies, black & white/colour)
  • Maps, plans, blueprints, architectural drawings
  • Books (modern and antiquarian in a wide range of bindings and covers, including leather, & vellum)
  • Prints, drawings, works of art on paper
  • Oil paintings and watercolours
  • Audiovisual media (tapes, videos, DVDs, microfilm etc)