Our specialist technicians are trained in the removal of various contaminants from properties, including hazardous chemicals, mould, bodily fluids and bird droppings. We offer decontamination and other building cleaning services in London and throughout the country.

Using our tested methods and the latest technology, we can deal with even the most contaminated areas. We aim to completely remove any hazards and restore the property so it is fit for reoccupation. Health and safety is our key concern in these situations and all our technicians are vaccinated and fully trained in dealing with hazardous materials. Your property will be restored to a state where you can feel completely safe upon returning.

Our Decontamination service includes:
Bird Dropping Removal Service Birds droppings may seem harmless, but the substance can actually cause permanent damage to your building if it is not removed correctly or efficiently. Birds often nest in spots such as roofs, lofts, balconies, machinery and ventilation systems. These areas can quickly become contaminated and damaged by a build up of bird droppings and nesting materials. Total Solutions uses specialist methods and equipment to remove bird droppings and other waste to restore the area and prevent any damage.

Specialist Biohazard Cleaning Service
Any scene where death or decomposition has occurred requires a sensitive approach as well as expert cleaning and decontamination. These scenes can quickly become hazardous and must be handled quickly. This type of biohazard is unpleasant to deal with and requires specialist cleaning methods and equipment. At Total Solutions we provide sensitive, prompt and thorough services to deal with trauma scene cleaning.

Emergency Services Vehicle and Ambulance Cleaning
Total Solutions provides a specialist cleaning services for emergency services vehicles. Ambulances, police cars and prison transport vans are often subject to distressing situations where they are likely to be contaminated with blood, vomit and other bodily fluids. We provide a prompt and thorough cleaning service for emergency services so they are quickly safe to get back on the road.

Professional Cleaning Services for Healthcare Institutions
Good hygiene is vital in healthcare environments such as hospitals, GP surgeries and dental surgeries. Infections can spread quickly throughout these areas and affect people most vulnerable to illness. Total Solutions can provide thorough and hygienic medical cleaning and decontamination services for healthcare institutions.

Infection control
Infectious viruses and diseases can spread quickly when good hygiene is not maintained. This is especially of concern in places such as hospitals, schools, care homes and workplaces. Total Solutions can provide a thorough decontamination service to help stop the spread of infection.

Odour Removal Service
Various forms of contamination can cause unpleasant odours, whether chemical or organic. If the cause of the odour is not dealt with quickly, it can intensify and become increasingly difficult to eliminate. Total Solutions deals with all causes of odour and can help to remove the resulting smells from your property, whether it's your home or business.

Expert Prison and Police Cell Cleaning
Police holding cells and secure prison cells can be subject to a number of events that cause biohazards. These biohazards can put both the prisoner and officers at high risk of infection. Total Solutions provides a specialist cell cleaning service to deal quickly and effectively with any contamination in holding cells and prison cells.

Needles, Syringes and Sharps Removal Service
Syringes, sharps, and blades can pose a danger to the public if they are not disposed of correctly, whether they have previously been used for medical reasons or by drug users. Highly infectious pathogens including Hepatitis B and HIV can be spread quickly by abandoned needles. We offer safe and controlled removal of needles, syringes and sharps to help prevent injury and the spread of diseases.

Rapid Sewage Cleanup Service
Sewage spills are not just unpleasant, they can also pose a health hazard due to the variety of bacteria and viruses present. We provide a thorough decontamination service after sewage spills, to deal with both hazardous waste and the unpleasant smells and damage it can leave behind