Hygiene Cleaning

At Total Solutions we offer a range of hygiene cleaning services to complement your health and safety measures and ensure a safe and hygienic environment. This includes services for the emergency services, professional kitchens, and public washrooms.

We provide specialist deep cleaning and disinfection services to ensure a good level of hygiene in many environments. We can deal with biohazardous situations in crime and trauma scenes, hospitals, emergency service vehicles and prison/police holding cells. We understand that a quick and thorough service is essential in these situations and we can clean away any signs of biohazards so the area is ready for use as soon as possible.

We also offer deep cleaning services in commercial kitchens and public bathroom areas. It is vital that these areas are kept clean and hygienic at all times to avoid the spread of bacteria which can cause illness and diseases. Our kitchen and washroom cleaning services can help ensure you meet any legal hygiene regulations. We can prevent the build up of grease in kitchens and uric acid in washrooms to ensure that they are safe for use at all times.

Our well trained cleaning staff can provide a discreet and thorough service to ensure public and company washrooms are kept hygienic without any disruption to the working day. We can also ensure your washrooms are kept stocked with hygiene and sanitary products at all times.