Mould Investigation

As well as our mould removal service, we also offer investigative services into the source of mould and damp in your property.

Thorough removal of mould will improve the appearance and hygiene of the mouldy area for a short amount of time, but the infestation is likely to return if the cause is not dealt with. Surface mould that you might see in your kitchen and bathroom is often a symptom of a deeper problem. The causes of mould can include condensation, poor ventilation, water leaks, etc.

Often it is difficult to determine the source of damp and mould in your building. Total Solutions uses a range of high tech equipment and methods to identify the cause of damp and mould in buildings. Through our specialist techniques we can quickly identify and address the cause of mould in your property, as well as removing the external signs of mould and damp.

Our expert technicians can also identify the type of mould infestation and confirm whether it is toxic or not.