Surface Prep and Coating

Preparation is essential when it comes to installing many floor systems. At Total Solutions we offer a range of surface preparation and coating products to get surfaces ready for re-flooring. Please see below for an outline of our most popular techniques.


Scarification, also known as surface planing or milling, resurfaces floors by removing paint, epoxies, mastics and concrete using steel cutting techniques.

Abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of material against a surface under pressure to smooth a rough surface or roughen a smooth surface. Expertise is required to ensure the correct surface treatment is carried our safely, without damaging the substrate or causing injury. When correctly used, abrasive blasting can be a very safe and effective way to clean or texture an array of different surfaces, including stone, concrete, terrazzo and brick. It can also be used to remove surface contaminants.

Diamond grinding

Diamond grinding is used to smooth and prepare surfaces for new thin applications. It is an abrasive technique which removes thin layers of urethanes and epoxies.

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