Thermography Or Thermal Imaging/Infrared & Leak Detection

When your home or business is affected by a leak or moisture issues, it's important to determine the source of the problem as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to identify the source of moisture behind wall panelling, above ceilings and beneath flooring panels.

When it comes to mould and leaks, the problem often only becomes apparent after it has caused some damage to the property. At Total Solutions we can quickly identify the source of the issue to quickly address it and prevent further damage.

We use a range of high tech methods to identify the source of water leaks and mould infestations, even in difficult to reach or concealed areas.

Our range of thermographic and infrared solutions can identify mould and damp by determining the temperature in an area. Moisture will typically be cooler than its surrounding structure, and this is easily picked up by our infrared cameras. We use a range of other methods to identify mould and leaks, including:

  • Acoustic leak detection
  • Pipe tracing
  • Thermal imaging leak detection
  • Tracer gas analysis
  • Water and salt testing and analysis
  • Dye testing
  • Boroscoping to view hidden voids

We also offer trace and access work for insurance claims and can provide moisture surveys and reports for your building.